Psychobiotics: An Exciting New Development

Research has shown that the gut has an important supportive role in the prevention and treatment of mental health conditions, making it “the new rainforest” of medicinal foods.

Fund Raising

Psychobiotics is currently in the process of forming a spin out from University College Cork (UCC), expected in Q1 2022, where UCC and the founders will share the firm’s equity.

Following this spin out, the firm will raise a seed round to:
  • Build marketing materials for online and offline brand building
  • Manufacture and package the first capsules for sale through contract manufacturers
  • Purchase shelf space in online / offline retail channels
  • Engage full operational team to work from incubator space in UCC
  • Develop next generation probiotic discovery platform to address new market opportunities

APC Microbiome Research Centre

The Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) Microbiome research centre is the world’s leading microbiome research institute, where Profs Cryan and Dinan are the leaders in the science of the gut-brain axis. A spin out from the APC, Precision Biotics, was recently acquired by Novozyme for 80 million euros sparking strong investor interest in new APC microbiome spin outs.
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